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Cowboy Up Brand Identity

Cowboy Up is an Austin Texas based CBD edibles and drink company that was recently founded in late 2020. They approached Ad Astra claiming that they needed something bold. They had communicated to us that while most of the agencies in the industry did good work it was not what they were looking for. They were impressed with our ability to be bold and work outside the cannabis brand trends they had been researching.

When we met with the staff at Cowboy Up the first thing we noticed was how passionate and motivated everyone was to be part of the new CBD industry. They used words like “bold, big character, vibrant, grab life by the horns” when describing what they were looking for. Add passion to the list and off we go.


our approach

Energy Drinks and CBD

Cowboy Up was a great client to work with, agencies look for good clients just as a client looks for a good agency. Good clients, passionate clients, always leads to good work in this industry. Collaboration is important, as is 3D StudioMax on projects like this.

That being said Cowboy Up came to our initial meetings thoroughly prepared. They had a pretty accurate idea of what they wanted and why they wanted it. They voiced their need to create a bold product to attract the “energy drink” demographic. That demographic tends to be young and male, and the designs out there seemed to be mellow and not aimed at the core demographic, young males. We mostly agreed with them, most CBD Energy drinks out there seemed to be aimed at the wrong core demographic.

Cowboy Up knew they wanted red, they wanted something that had a gritty typeface and the iconology had to be influenced by “cowboy culture”. With these requirements placed on us we went to work creating artboards. The process went extremely well and the staff at Cowboy Up is the reason why. We can’t wait to work with them again.

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    Product Packaging Design

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    Art Direction

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    Logo & Identity Design

the visual brand identity

There's a New SheriFf in Town!

The mission was simple, create something aimed toward the “energy drink crowd”. Young, male, and constantly on the move. Something that fits in where many young males shop, less health store vibe, and more convenience store.

It also had to speak of the Cowboy in all of us, without being too over the top but still bold. Often times the visual identity process leads to other aspects of the brand identity. In this case, the sheriff’s badge led to the tagline “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”.




seeing red

beauty is in the eye of the bullholder

none more black


package design

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