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Locol Love Brand Collateral and Merchandise

LoCol Love is a wholesale cultivator located in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Their mission is to inform, educate, and help heal the world through “kind” love. Founded in 2014 LoCol Love was one of our first cannabis-related clients.

LoCol Love’s claim to fame is their Mountain Grown genetics, their products are some of the best in the Colorado market, and some of our personal favorites.

Our relationship with LoCol Love started over 5 years ago when they hired us to do some graphic and illustrative work for their Mountain Grown line of cannabis products. They are very artistic and creative-minded and we enjoy working with them.

woman angel

our approach

LoCol Love and their love of art

LoCol Love is one of our favorite clients to work with, they encourage artistry and creativity and in this industry that’s a dream project.

Part of our approach on projects with LoCol Love is to support and assist their in-house marketing team and pre-existing brand. The challenges are to remain consistent with their brand as well as to compliment their in-house marketing staff.

The approach varies on what job they call on us for, we’ve installed and configured a WordPress CMS for them, designed a limited edition pre-roll tin, helped them redesign their logo, created limited edition artwork for their Mountain Grown Genetics, and even worked on t-shirts for them.

  • 1

    Logo Redesign

  • 2

    Packaging Design

  • 3

    Merchandising Design


LoCol Love approached us in late 2017 requesting assistance with redesigning LoCol Love’s logo. They already had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and had even sketched some preliminary prototypes for us to work from. In the end we ended up with something clean, modern, and sleek.

final logo

Untitled 2

an early prototype

breymont wings badge

prototypes and early ideas


package design

graphic design

mountain grown cannabis seed pack inserts

mountain grown seed pack insert prototypes

card1 mockup3
card1 mockup2
t-shirt and poster prototypes

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